Hierarchical Scale Decomposition of Images

Harmonic signal decomposition of the IR satellite images: a turbulent flow is studied and a rain process is shown corresponding to the propagation of perturbation caused by the fusion of convective clouds

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Grid Cells, God Particles, Arrow of Time, and the Point Scaling Dynamics

Genotype information processing is utilized in the theory of stochastic resonance synergetics. Spatio-temporal dynamics and the point scaling property are shown in two examples:

1) Auditory distance mapping


fMRI neuroimaging: varying intensity: (a) and (b); varying distance: (c) and (d). Conditions reveal an area specifically sensitive to auditory distance cues: (e) and (f), and the conforming auditory tonotopic map in the information flow: (g) and (h)

2) 3-2D Gaussians data scatter decomposition


(a) Three Gaussians with the data dispersion σ=1, at distance d=5. Varying distance d, data decompose within a nucleon at different scales β: (b)  β(2) = +.000225, (c)  β(3) = +.000124, (d)  β(4) = +.000029, (e) β(5) = +.000013, (f)  β(6) = -.000129, and (g)  β(7) = -.000365

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On ‘time-like’ vs. ‘space-like’ dynamics, or why all higher animals sleep?


In my wave story

I believe our intelligence is embedded in environment; sometimes more, sometimes less – to be more precise. There is however a fine example of the embedded intelligence by a colony of butterflies coming every spring to Canada and going back for the mating season in the forests of Amazon. Their brain volume can hardly fit on the tip of a needle. Yet, could you do it without a smartphone, googlemaps, and a fast car? Their lives are mainly governed by the ‘time-like’ dynamics, caused by the season changes, and prolongation of life. Butterflies don’t sleep in a common sense, that we attribute to it.

A good sleeping habit is important to our well-being – a hygiene, as a psychiatrist would say. In my current research, I am interested in studying a ‘space-like’ dynamical brain maps formations during a sleep. Also their progression and possible causes of disruption. I think developing such a data mining would be a helpful assistance tool in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.

So, is our mind more classic or more quantum? – As weird as it is, I would guess more quantum during a sleep. As for someone’s daily activities, I would leave it to their own assessment of the environment they are living in and functioning. I would hope though that the future psychiatric clinics would include the neuroimaging dream readings in their practice, too.

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Loop | Milan Jovovic


Source: Loop | Milan Jovovic

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Mental States via Coupled-Systems Dynamics

I like going on graphics exhibitions. After such an exhibition I wanted to test my memory on what had just seen. So, I decided to take a piece of paper and scribble a cartoon without thinking much beforehand on what it will turn out to be. I did fast drawing with my hand, to comply with my decision. Try it yourself, it may surprise you!
As for myself, I am not a skilled cartoonist, but regret throwing out some of those piece of papers that I drew. If nothing, I like it better than my selfie in front of the gallery 🙂

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Is Atomic Structure Relativistic?

synergistic motion

synergetic motion

A generalized extension of the Einstein’s equation, E=mc^2, is provided within the theory of Stochastic Resonance Synergetics. A generalized uncertainty relation is derived, as well in assessing the stability of the decomposition structure, obtained by the scale-space wave information propagation. This quantum information perspective refers to mass and energy, interchangeably, conveniently using the term information.


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On Physics Entering the Realm of Spiritual

The “Why Things Move?” has long been postulated question by physicists, as well as philosophers. Spinoza, von Neumann, Feynman, to name the few, went into the realm of a spiritual, that never got accepted by the mainstream physics. The Truth of life itself cannot be understood using the tools of physics, simply because in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve — are the resonating words of the founding father of quantum physics, Max Plank.
It has been widely accepted now, however, that the brain is a physical organ and that we should continue working on developing the tools to better understand our minds. In my study, I use information theory in the study of computability of genotype information. It seemed to me an appropriate way to go on a borderline of Computational Physics and Computational Neuroscience, while a graduate student. I believe now that have contributed to both of the two fields. The Stochastic Resonance Synergetics theory lays down in my view a new perspective to networked system dynamics and computation, from subatomic to behavioral data analysis. In the age of the Internet, I have been able to accomplish it mainly working from home with occasional visits to the Labs interested in exchanging the ideas.
Sure enough, we can’t all have a supercollider on our doorstep to test our theories. Nothing discouraging there though since vast mysteries of the Universe will remain elusive during our lifetime, anyway. It does not limit a wondering mind to leave a spiritual testimony that shapes its beliefs and governs its existence. Although a certainty is what most of us desire in life, in fact, it appears quite opposite – it is a prevailing uncertainty of things that make the Universe moves.
PS: I was born in a communist country, but never considered myself an atheist, as far as I can recall. I have also experienced a revival of the religious freedom in my home country, but hardly can consider myself religious, either. As far as an organized religion is concerned, I would say. Even now, I cherish my feelings toward our family cat with a lot of empathy that I believe she feels, in a similar way, too. Well, most of the time, as far as I can tell 🙂
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